Enter the Dragon

Spring has sprung, and May flowers are in full bloom.

Whether you are making your way over newly thawed hiking trails, tending to the garden, or relaxing by the pool, it’s tough to be anything but upbeat and as sunny as the weather.

Looking for the perfect strain to complement any spring activity? Dragon is a mellow sativa that consumers say delivers a happy, uplifting feeling. The almost electric green of Dragon’s petite, fluffy buds echo the new growth all around.

How does it feel and taste?

This strain’s unique effects pair excellently with the vibrant atmosphere at this time of year.  The light, citrusy essence of Dragon can produce a high that is clear-headed and focused, lending its effects to activity and productivity.

Dragon’s mellow yet carefree nature can be perfect for social situations and outdoor adventures. Users love this strain because the high tapers off smoothly, even after an eventful day.

We especially love Dragon in our PAX™ Pure Oil pods for the extremely portable and discrete PAX™ Era device, as its smooth sensations pair well with activity. The 100% PG-free Pure Oil lets the citrusy terpene flavors shine, and the PAX™ Era’s custom temperature feature (adjustable via the mobile app or shake-pop-cycle-drop on the device itself) lets you fine tune your vapor experience. Dragon is also available in our original bubble hash and rosin extracts. Or, you can stay true to the roots and purchase flower by weight.

Where can I find it?


Most of the shops that carry Silverpeak products will have our Dragon flower and extracts. Contact a store near you using our store locator to ensure Dragon is available.