Colorado achieves state-wide consistency in THC reporting

As many of you know, January 1, 2018 marked the beginning of consistent reporting of THC potency levels by Colorado testing labs. You may have noticed changes across the industry regarding THC potency reports. Now, all testing labs must test and report THC levels derived from the same equation. For some growers, the new reporting requirements made it look like THC potency was decreasing by a few percentage points, but you are actually getting more precise and consistent readings of the activated THC levels. The new regulations provide customers with a more accurate reading of the possible total psychoactive amount of THC in a product.

Integrity and Transparency

We at Silverpeak are committed to providing our customers with top-tier, premium cannabis. In sharing this information with you, you can trust that every Silverpeak product has been tested and approved to regulatory standards. Consistency is one of our cornerstones. The new MED regulations ensure that THC levels are consistently reported from lab to lab and grower to grower, guaranteeing that consumers will always receive accurately defined flower.

Our friends at Aurum Labs, a state-certified testing laboratory, created this infographic below to help explain the purpose of the change and how the results may differ from what you are used to. As always, feel free to send a message to if you have any questions.