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Over the past month, Silverpeak has published a series of blog posts diving into the details of harmful pesticides used on cannabis plants. We reviewed: 

Beginning August 1, all growers will be required to submit samples from every harvest batch to be tested for harmful pesticides. Why is this important? What does this mean for you as a wholesale buyer or as a consumer?  As a wholesale buyer, what should you do to assure the flower you are buying is coming from a grow facility that won’t let you down? 

A Guide to Buying Pesticide-Free Cannabis


If you are a wholesale buyer: 

  • First, schedule an inspection visit with your grow suppliers. 
  • Use the attached check list to conduct an inspection of their facility. 
  • Research growers that have a zero-tolerance policy for harmful pesticides.  
  • Educate your customers about harmful pesticides in cannabis.

Suggestions for end consumers: 

  • Ask your budtender about the name and location of the grower that produced the flower.  
  • Ask if anyone in the store has ever done an inspection of the grower’s facility. 
  • Research growers that do not use harmful pesticides and contact them for a list of stores that carry their flower.  
  • Educate yourself on the new pesticide testing regulations so you know what to look for. 
In order to elevate the legal cannabis industry, it is important that everyone involved plays by the rules. You can do your part to legitimize the industry by supporting the companies taking the steps to grow cannabis that is safer for everyone to enjoy.
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