Silverpeak’s proprietary CO2 extraction process yields exceptionally
fragrant and flavorful concentrates.

We create Oils without Additives

Our Silverpeak cannabis is grown in the crisp mountain environment of Basalt, Colorado. Our plants bask in over 300 days of sunshine per year and sip on fresh mountain water.

Our low-temperature extraction process delivers superior terpene preservation which results in aromatic, terpene rich Oils and Distillates.

Silverpeak and PAX™ are dedicated to providing you with a consistently exceptional vaping experience.


Envisioned on a pristine riverside parcel in Basalt, Colorado, Silverpeak Farms has evolved to become a state of the art 25,000 square foot fully climate-controlled cannabis greenhouse. Closely monitored cultivation and processing systems, fostering affectionately nurtured plants grown to exacting standards, gives us the unique opportunity to specifically control the inputs to all Silverpeak Farms branded flower and extraordinary products.



At Silverpeak we capture the creative spirit of our agricultural artisans in every product we produce. Each product crafted in our lab preserves the pristine quality of the high altitude environment in which our flower is grown. Hand trimming and a solventless extraction process are just two of the subtleties that deliver a superior end product.


Originality consists of returning to the origin – the purity of the Roaring Fork Valley. From the high altitude sunshine and free flowing mountain streams, to the care and expertise of our talented growers and artisan processors, Silverpeak Farms is committed to the cannabis derived expression of our fresh mountain atmosphere and the purest products available anywhere.




Silverpeak is locally cultivated, expertly crafted and socially responsible cannabis

We are proud farmers and passionate artisans with advanced degrees in botany, biogenetics and pharmacology. We are aficionado cannabis enthusiasts and conscientious citizens; responsible producers devoted to the health and safety of our solvent-less products and the natural environments in which they are cultivated.

As stewards of the plant we are mindful of its heritage, while fashioning elegant yet edgy products from the solvent-less extracts we create.  To help foster socially accountable change through responsible adult-use, we must hold transparency and integrity in all our actions first and foremost.  Oftentimes it’s what you don’t see…  what could otherwise be hidden… that’s most important to bring to light.  With humility yet swagger, intuition yet veracity, we approach everything we do with the same gusto!


Silverpeak makes our exceptional naturally-grown flower available wholesale to Retailers throughout Colorado.
Please inquire through ‘Contact Us’ and an associate will respond by phone promptly.”



Silverpeak Farms pre-rolled Joints bring you the highest quality cannabis using extraordinary hand trimmed material from our fully climate-controlled greenhouse, rolled in all natural papers with exceptional care.  Each 1g Premium Bubble Hash Joint, 0.8g Full-Size or 0.3g Mini-Joint is packaged as bulk singles or in multi-packs to ensure freshness and convenience.


Bubble Hash is a Solvent-Free Concentrate made from the trichome heads of our own hand-trimmed cannabis. The highly potent resin glands are separated from the plant material using ice, water, and fine micron bags as filters. This results in a sifted, granular consistency great for sprinkling in joints or for use as a bowl-topper. Bubble Hash can also be finger-pressed into more of a cake like consistency familiar to the long history of this ancient and pure solvent-free concentrate.


Pure Oil from Silverpeak is the true expression of strain-specific cannabis in a sleek, discreet vaporizer Pod. A long, gentle CO2 extraction process releases smooth distinct flavors, aromas and oil essences from the original intact terpenes. Zero additives or fillers, ever.


Distillate oils are further refined for purity and clarity. Silverpeak “Mist” Distillate Pods contain all natural terpene blends,and use no artificial fillers or cutting agents (100% PG-Free). Our Pods are specifically formulated for heightened effectiveness and an incredibly smooth vapor.


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